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Janice Smith

Councillor, member of the Open Spaces Working Group

I lived in Mattishall for over 30 years (although I now live in Dereham) and was first elected onto the Parish Council in 2000.  I saw the post as a continuation of my caring and assisting people with their problems and helping in promoting the work of the Parish Council.

I have had great pleasure in creating an avenue of roses either side of the Cemetery footpath, tending the rose garden either side of the gates, developing the bank garden around the Memorial Garden and planting the flower displays under the village entrance signs to give all our residents and visitors a welcome to the village.

Being a Parish Councillor is a position I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who feels they want to be more involved.  If you are just that person come along and join us. Don't worry about what to do as we have an excellent clerk who gives guidance to us all!

Janice Smith
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